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Carrot meal 300gr

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Carrot flour is very rich in vitamin A and that is precisely a vitamin that is not automatically produced in dogs. Carrot flour is particularly rich in beta carotene, a substance that is converted into vitamin A in the body during the combustion process, and is also rich in various minerals and trace elements.

The beta carotene from the roots acts as a very powerful anti-oxidant. Carrot flour also ensures better blood circulation.

In addition, carrot flour promotes the production of collagen in the skin. This makes carrot flour a fine product to use to support with coat problems.

More free radicals are released during stress in the body. The powerful antioxidants protect the body against these free radicals. This makes carrot flour very suitable for stress.

The rich vitamin A content is not only positive for eyesight. This vitamin also has a nurturing effect on the intestines which helps to prevent diarrhea.

Dogs that are sensitive to stress and often suffer from poor stools, especially benefit from this product.

Roots contain a bitter substance that stimulates bile secretion. This has a protective effect on the liver cells. With this, carrot flour has a positive stimulating effect on the liver.

The valuable ingredients of the carrot can work well.

Is a powerful Antioxidant
May have a protective effect on skin and coat
Can improve blood flow
Can have a preventive effect in case of diarrhea
Can promote the proper functioning of the liver
Can be used for stress
Can be used to support eyesight
In short, a very powerful and recommended dietary supplement.
25 ml per day = 1 measuring scoop (jar includes measuring scoop)