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Grooming set long coat

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Brush-in shampoo

Shampoo with proteins derived from soy extracts that make it easier to untangle hair. The balanced composition gives the coat shine, strength, and suppleness. Helps prevent knots and disentangle fur, making daily brushing a real treat.

Use the silky gloss conditioner as an after-treatment.

COMPOSITION: Soya lecithin, plant extracts


Anti-tangle Spray

Ideal for removing stubborn knots. Use this product regularly to help prevent the return of knots. Ideal for combining with Carnis® Comb-in Shampoo and the silky gloss conditioner.

APPLICATION: Spray directly onto fur, lather in, allow to work in, then brush or comb.

COMPOSITION: Protein, keratin


Silk Gloss Conditioner

Its unique composition makes it a disentangling balm with exceptional quality and results. It nourishes the fur, making the hair strong, it prevents the fur from breaking down, and maintains the natural shine. The silk proteins make the coat supple, shiny, silky and less static.

COMPOSITION: Silk proteins, vitamin E.