Pressed chunks

The philosophy of Carnis® is, go back to the basics, back to nature.

The dog is descended from the wolf (Canis Lupus) and that is where the basis of our food lies. Of course the current dog no longer resembles the wolf (except for some breeds), but they still have one thing in common with the ancestor, namely their metabolism. Carnis® assumes that a healthy dog ​​(like the wolf) that is for example active or raises a nest, does not eat differently, but eats more

Our Dog chunks

Natural raw materials

We use high-quality and 100% natural raw materials for the cold-pressed chunks from Carnis®, without additives of chemical colors, fragrances and flavors, chemical antioxidants or synthetic vitamins.

Premium quality dog ​​food

These high-quality chunks contains valuable proteins and provides essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for the metabolism. Thanks to the way the dogfood is prepared (cold pressing), the high-quality of the raw materials are at its best and the nutrients are retained.

Favor the natural bowel cleansing

The chunks does not swell in the stomach, but falls apart in a short time, so that the stomach is not overloaded. This supports intestinal peristalsis and promotes natural intestinal cleansing, which reduces the risk of parasite accumulations in the intestine.

In Carnis® no animal or vegetable waste products are used, because this does not belong in a dog food. In addition, no fillers are used, and makes the chunks easy to digest, the intake of the amount of chunks per day is small and this is reflected in few firm stools. The daily food intake in grams is approximately equal to 1 - 1.2% of the body weight.

For all breed of dogs

Carnis® is suitable for both large and small dogs, young, adult or older dogs, for every age and not breed specific. Because healthy natural dog food ensures that the dog's body can function well and that the dog feels fit. Healthy natural dog food can prevent many complaints and often resolve them.

The Carnis® dog food is a complete and healthy diet for an affordable price, very digestible and have a good acceptance, Carnis® helps to maintain vital quadrupeds!

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