Chunks Rabbit

New in our assortment: Carnis® pressed Rabbit chunks.

The completely pressed hypoallergenic Rabbit chunk is suitable for puppies, young dogs, adult dogs and senior dogs, both large and small breeds. It can support dogs with a food allergy or intolerance to certain animal species in food, skin and fur problems, stomach and intestinal problems.

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This hypoallergenic chunk contains oatmeal, which contains beta-glucan. These are unique soluble dietary fibres that ensure that blood sugar does not fluctuate and cholesterol level is lowered. The dietary fibres ensure a slower and better digestion of the chunks in the stomach and play an important role in stabilizing the composition of the microflora in the colon. This microflora is essential for food digestion and for the immune system to function properly.

In dogs with obesity, it can create a prolonged feeling of satiety, which makes weight management easier.

The chunks also contains coconut oil. Coconut oil can help resist infection and accelerate the healing process, it can also provide a shiny skin and fur and it may improve the digestion and reduces allergic reactions.

In brief:

  •     Hypoallergenic
  •     100% gluten free
  •     Slower and better digestion
  •     Very nutritious
  •     No fluctuation of blood sugar
  •     Cholesterol level can be lowered
  •     Can help for a shiny skin / coat
  •     Can help with reduction of allergic reactions

Available in 15 kg, 5 kg and 1 kg bags.