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Plutos Cheese chew, beef large 15pcs

Article number 15060476490219
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Dog cheese chew, processed cheese, specially formulated for dogs.

Feeding Instructions: The PLUTOS Healthy Chew is a complementary pet food for dogs, a treat to be given as a reward and is not to be used as a full meal but treated as a supplement. Always supervise your dog when eating chews. Always ensure fresh water is available.

Processed cheese analogue provides excellent quality protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Pets also like the taste of processed cheese and it can be part of a complete and balanced pet food diet. Remember this is processed cheese analogue without the fat. Store in a cool dry place. Composition: milk protein, water, fat and minerals (including salt and calcium). Additives: Natural emulsifier, flavour, gelling agent, colourant, preservatives and antioxidants.

PLUTOS Healthy Chews are an excellent, rich and Healthy source of proteins (55,2% milk casein – as used by bodybuilders), calcium, vitamins and minerals for your dog. It is a low fat (0.2%) and low carbohydrate, LACTOSE free and completely digestible chew!


Analytical constituents Analytische bestanddelen/ Componenti analitici /Análisis/ Constituintes analíticos/constituants Analytiques/inhaltsstoffe


Protein  Ruwe Eiwit / proteina bruta/proteiini/protéine/proteína/protein


Moisture content  Vocht / umidità/humedad/ humidade/ humidité/Feuchtigkeit/


Crude Ash   Ruwe As/ ceneri grezze/ceniza/ brutacinza bruta/ cendres brutes/rohasche/


Carbohydrates Koolhydraten/ carboidrati/hidratos de carbono/hidratos de carbono/ hydrates de carbone Kohlenhydrate/


Crude Fibre Ruwe Vezel/rohfaser/cellulose brute/fibre/fibra grezza/fibra bruta


Fat content Vetgehalte /fettgehalt/teneur de mitières grasses/oli e grassi grezzi/contenido de grassi/gordura bruta/